Rene Pickhardt - (Independent) Lightning Network Developer & Researcher

Hi you probably came here because you wanted to learn why to support my work via my fund raiser!
So let me first list an overview of my achievements for the Lightning Network Community since 2018 and then say a few words why I believe that funding independent open source developement matters.



Together with my co-authors I... My main interest is reliabilty of Bitcoin Payments via the Lightning Network and understanding the technical limitations and boundaries of the Lightning Network Protocol.

Vulnurabilities & Security issues

Why open source does matter!

I believe that society can flourish and prosper best if everyone has good access to knowledge and information.
Open Source Software is an often underrated crucial part of achieving this. Have a look at this German video to learn more.

I was fortunate enough to receive the highest education which was paid for by a scholarschip from the German National Academic Foundation while my parents could not have afforded to support my plans to go to university. Also I use open source software every day or at least things that are build with the help of open software. So personally this choice is my way of paying back a debt that I feel I owe.

Why independent open source?

Even open source can be driven by interestes from companies. This is not neccessarily bad. Good examples are the development of Web standards in W3C and the linux kernel developement.
However pitching for developer grants gives tremendous power to the people who sponsor such research and thus they might decide not to fund research and development that is not in their own interest. I am not saying that this happens but I am saying that you can prevent this by helping me work independently on what I believe is best for the Lightning Network. In the spirit of being a swarm of decentralized cyberhornets (or what ever the current lingo is) I think especially for Bitcoin this is very important.

Disclaimer:Obviously it is hard to find a community of people who are willing to match competitive salaries so I will accept grants like the ones provide through NTNU and BitMEX or I might do consulting to compensate for my time.

Software and Data sets

I am currently the maintainer of the pickhardt payments python package. Feel free to download thelistchannels20220412.json data set. I am also a contributor to the lnresearch project.


I am occasionally available for interviews or background and fact checking conversations with media outlets.

My c-lightning node

You can also test my video voting LAPP